The Final Halving: Get Teekas Top Six Coins for FREE

teeka super halving

And he gave everyone in attendance the chance to access six small coins he believes are set to profit the most. Now, there’s still time to act on Teeka’s small picks… but you need to hurry. If you wait, you risk missing out on up to 95% of the potential profit from his plays (it’s happened before). U.S. holders can sell on Uniswap. International holders can sell on Binance.

He believes they’ll be among his best picks ever. The only way to access them is by becoming an Infinity member right now. You’ll get a full write-up on each of them — including names and ticker symbols. During the “Super Halving” summit, Teeka revealed how a rare occurrence in the crypto-currency markets could send a handful of alt-coins soaring 50x…even 100x or more.

teeka super halving

When a coin gets to 5x-7x, I sell off enough to cover my initial investment in it, and reinvest in something news, let the balance grow. This is the same method I use in my 401k, and it has been extremely successful. When the market started going down in June, I was happy I cashed out some of my Matix and preserved some profits…..

Thoughts on Teeka Tiwari’s “The Final Halving” 6 Alt Coin Recommendations

As soon as he recommends something by the time I get home it’s usually already over his buy up to price from mass buying. I figure if it does a 10x instead of a 25x had I gotten in early I’m fine with that. Anyone have the buy up to price on Teeka’s Super Halving recommendations. I just bought Digital Holdings for $17.70 Closed Friday at 16.85 but could not buy over the weekend.

teeka super halving

But if you’re just joining us, a halving is when the new supply of a crypto is cut in half at a preprogrammed date. Regular readers will be familiar with crypto halvings. That’s why bonds beat cash… stocks beat bonds… and crypto beats stocks. This has wiped $735 billion off the value of the crypto market… and no doubt caused crypto investors sleepless nights. Bitcoin (BTC) is down 38% from its all-time high of $64,863 it set on April 14.

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The miner no longer has to sell any bitcoins to cover its operating costs. That changes the game completely. To cover them and make a profit, they must sell some of the bitcoins they earn. Think of miners as the auditors of the bitcoin network. They provide the expensive computing power necessary to secure it.

  • In my personal opinion, I doubt he has nearly as much trading experience or inside info, let alone the market maker effect, as PBC has.
  • The alert consists of two options.
  • It is not a get-rich-quick situation more for the long-term investor.
  • But now, Teeka’s ready to give you six picks with the biggest catalyst he’s found yet.

This stuff is hard to wrap your head around. Only a small fraction of investors understand what’s going on in the crypto market. If you’re still on the fence… or if you think these kinds of transformational gains happen only for other people… I get it. Instead, it’s a one-off event mainstream investors… and most analysts on Wall Street… have missed. And I’ve been working in the financial newsletter industry for the past 14 years.

Teeka Tiwari Picks Are In

He is an avid cryptocurrency trader; most of his investment research services are about investing in digital currencies. He claims to have spotted Bitcoin’s potential in 2016 and recommending it to his followers while it was trading at around $400. Sent to you around every other week, Teeka will keep you informed on what’s happening with the picks in his model portfolios… and provide regular market analysis. On May 12, Teeka will show you how to access the most exclusive opportunity he has ever shared during any of his events.

teeka super halving

So as things hit my 5x-7x, I will sell enough to cover my initial investment, and let the rest ride. Ever since bitcoin’s been around, it’s been plagued with negative associations with the illicit drugs market, pornography, and money laundering. historical cost concept That made it a taboo investment for the gatekeepers of traditional finance. So bitcoin miners haven’t had access to traditional sources of capital. I’ve paid for advisory services before – to guys who talked big, and delivered small.

The Super Halving Summit by Teeka Tiwari (Event Details)

To update your credit card or cancel, please log in to, go to your automatic payments, open the Stock Gumshoe payment, and make changes there. As public companies, they’ll have to act in the best interest of their shareholders. So they’ll do what software maker MicroStrategy (MSTR), payment processor Square (SQ), and electric carmaker Tesla (TSLA) are doing and keep bitcoin on their balance sheets.

But after hitting a low of $30,016 at 9 a.m. New York time, bitcoin rallied 33% in just four hours. Thank you for the great recommendations. My son is severely disabled, and money is always a little tight. Over the past few years, I’ve made some crypto purchases and am thrilled with the results so far.

I live in NYS too and it’s hard not to be able to buy and sell on the platform Teeka recommends, with no rhyme nor reason for this. I have 2 Coinbase accounts–one in my Roth IRA and the other in the wild. Ironically, I can’t buy ENJ on Coinbase, must be a NYS thing. Also, Crypto.Com is not available in NYS either, like most crypto things. Happy to see my portfolio climbing back up from its recent dip. Sorry, I somehow missed this post.

The numbers are a couple of weeks or months off, though. 1Inch isn’t $0,47 today, but $0.31. Bitcoin just dropped 38% in five weeks. So instead of panicking, he’s focused on how the Super Halving will be a catalyst for higher prices. The good news is there’s still time to get positioned for the upcoming “Super Halving”… which Teeka says will be bigger than all the other halvings combined.

He hasn’t mentioned them in any of his research services… video updates… or articles. He never published a word about these special crypto recommendations before. No way to find them in any of his research services… video updates… or articles.

And reveals one technology set to radically change our nation. So if you’re interested in finding out the NEXT big moves from crypto-currencies, this is your chance. That’s why you should check out the ETH generating team I’m building with other entropeuners and crypto enthiuasts. The Super Halving Summit has been scheduled to take place on Wednesday, May 12th, at 8 pm ET. It is important to note here that this event has limited spacing, so the sooner one signs up, the more likely they are guaranteed a seat.

Looks for cryptocurrencies that appreciate in price and pay dividends. Formerly called “Crypto Income Quarterly”. Teekas last pre ipo went from $0.75 to $21.70 in a short time. Service that looks for the early days of upcoming trends, starting with medicinal psychedelics, which is Zappy Zapolin’s area of focus. Helium and Illuvium can be bought with fiat currency on It appears that one cannot directly buy STX in Kucoin but rather trade-in another crypto like BTC?